Cloud Based Video Training

Every organization seeks to insure that new graduates, new hires, and current employees add value to the business quickly and consistently. It has become ever more critical to on-board and train employees cost ‐effectively, as well as to ensure all staff are up‐to‐speed with new products, new techniques and changes in the marketplace.

The Global Markets Academy provides the latest market training delivered in a format that is the latest talked about solution by forward‐looking firms such as Gartner, Cisco and Forrester. Our solution is video‐based training deployed via the cloud, and supported by written content, quizzes, exams and trainer access. The highest rate of learning adoption currently is via video‐delivery. Not only does it provide repeatable and flexible delivery, but users are better engaged, capable of accessing training from any device, and remain in a managed program. Video training is typically delivered for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional live‐training formats.

Our Learning on the Move training is available via any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone. The entire catalog, as well as a customized group of specific programs, can be deployed across your entire company.

For employees

  • Participate in a scheduled program
  • Integrate training with daily workflow
  • Explore topics in all aspects of the Capital and Wealth Markets
  • Increase your financial acumen and skills
  • Research individual program to find answer to specific questions
  • Enhance professional development

For management

  • Turn-key solution deployed via the cloud
  • Promote both individual and group learning
  • Provide employee performance support
  • Support employee onboarding
  • Simplify and facilitate transitioning staff
  • Supplement and/or replace books
  • Manage financial skills of your staff
  • Reduce and/or eliminate logistic costs from direct training solutions

Main features

  • Expert Instructors
  • Custom learning paths
  • Downloadable resource material
  • Online note taking
  • Certificates of completion
  • Entire catalog access
  • Mobile device access
  • Detailed reporting at group, course, and user level
  • Privacy and security
  • Content updates at no additional cost

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