Sample Course Outline

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Pre-Course Knowledge Assessment

Module 1: Program Introduction and Money Markets
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Money Market
Lesson 3: Money Market Products
Lesson 4: Bond Market Maths

Module 2: Fixed Income Products and Markets
Lesson 1: Fixed Income Products and Markets
Lesson 2: Fixed Income Risk Management
Lesson 3: The Yield Curve
Lesson 4: Repurchase Agreements

Module 3: Foreign Exchange and Equity Markets

Lesson 1: The Equity Markets
Lesson 2: Foreign Exchange Markets
Lesson 3: Foreign Exchange Forwards and Swaps

Module 4: The Commodity Markets
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Commodity Markets
Lesson 2: Base and Precious Metals
Lesson 3: The Energy Sector

Module 5: Forwards and Future Markets
Lesson 1: Forward Pricing
Lesson 2: Introduction to Futures
Lesson 3: STIR Futures
Lesson 4: Bond Futures

Module 6: Fundamentals of Swaps and FRA’s
Lesson 1: Forward Rate Agreements
Lesson 2: Introduction to Swaps
Lesson 3: Principles of Swap Pricing
Lesson 4: Other Types of Swaps

Module 7: Options 
Lesson 1: Introduction to Options
Lesson 2: Principles of Option Pricing
Lesson 3: Understanding Option Risk
Lesson 4: Option Trading and Hedging Strategies

Module 8: Credit Derivatives
Lesson 1: Introduction to Credit Derivatives
Lesson 2: Single Name Credit Default Swaps
Lesson 3: Credit Derivatives Indexes
Lesson 4: Credit Derivative Applications

Module 9: Risk Management
Lesson 1: Understanding Market Risk

Final Exam